Administrative Team


Front row, L-R Donald Stanton (AP), Jennifer Watson (Counselor), Charlotte Thompson (Counselor), Leslie Towne (Counselor), Jill English (AP), Scott Beyer (AP), Michael Smith (Principal), Tashanna Boutte (AP), Breana Smith (AAS), Dr. Yolonda Sneed (Associate Principal), Kimberly Collier (Special Education Administrator), TaShanda Franklin (DI Helping Teacher)

Middle row, L-R Kathryn Robinson (AP), Michelle Provo (Director of Instruction), Jennifer Phelan (Testing Coordinator), Andrea Lembke (Counselor), Jennifer Cabello (Counselor), Mark Smith (AP), Archie Grigsby (AP)

Back row, L-R Melissa Sheninger (Counselor), Megan Phillips (Counselor), Shayla Rodriguez-Bell (Lead Counselor), Courtnie Grigsby (Counselor)

Principal: Mike Smith

Associate Principal: Yolonda Sneed

Director of Instruction: Michelle Provo

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