Attendance Information

Bridgeland High School
Attendance Office
Fax: 832-349-7645

click here for Attendance Tips for Parents 2019-2020(PDF)

If your Last Name is A-G:
Shannon Mago is your Attendance Clerk
[email protected]

If your Last Name is H-Q:
Amber Fielding is your Attendance Clerk
[email protected]

If your Last Name is R-Z:
Shalle Hovorka is your Attendance Clerk
[email protected]



If your student needs an early release, we will need a handwritten note with the student’s name, grade, time to be released, along with a phone number and a parent’s signature.  The note should be brought before school between 6:45 – 7:20 a.m.  If the person picking up is not a parent/guardian, please list the person picking up as well on the note.  We must have a note even if the person picking up is an emergency contact.  Attendance Office early releases are not considered emergency situations; emergency contacts are only used through the Nurse or the AP offices.


Our office will call a parent to confirm the student’s early release before the student will be allowed to leave campus.  When we get confirmation by phone, the student can sign out and meet their parent out front or leave in their own vehicle.  Leaving the campus with just a phone call from a parent is not sufficient, WE MUST HAVE A NOTE.  The note excuses the absence from classes once they leave the campus. 

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